Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring 2010 Update

I hope you are doing well and have enjoyed the winter season. This last winter quarter has been great and full of change. I worked in the office as registrar/office manager during the January and February months. As registrar, I worked 9am - 5pm daily receiving and processing applications for future students, answering emails, and sending out information. I also sent out applications for

inquiring minds or future students, answered phones, ordered office supplies, received and distributed staff and student mail, gave out food boxes to families in need, and basically kept the office in order. In other words, I was the voice and communicator of YWAM Maui. =) It was a great time of connecting with future students and encouraging them to take a step of faith to come to YWAM and do a DTS (Discipleship Training School). I loved being able to pray with them and answer any questions they had. I also loved to help make people feel welcome and excited about DTS. After all, it is an amazing and life-changing school!!

In addition to being registrar, I was, and continue to be, the Worship Director for the YWAM Maui base. I absolutely love this job (you can only imagine why...). =) Every Monday and Friday mornings, our students, staff, and any visitors unite together for a time of worship. It’s a treasured time of intimacy with the Lord as we join together as the body of Christ. My job is to make sure that this time is organized by having all the necessary people and equipment. Almost every worship time, I have the opportunity to sing or play (piano, guitar, or bass) which is such a blessing! I love how the Lord is giving me the desires of my heart to sing and play for Him! I am so humbled and honored to lead His people into His throne room to worship.

In March, I took the trip of a lifetime with my boyfriend (Ryan). We’d been apart for almost 6 months because I led the Summer DTS and then he led the Fall DTS. This meant that when I got back from my outreach to Borneo, he was just leaving for DTS outreach to Nepal!! So after almost 10 months of dating and almost 6 months apart, we took a much needed trip to the East coast where we “killed 3 birds with one stone”. I met his family in Virginia, we drove to Florida for our friend’s wedding (I was a bridesmaid), then we flew to Utah for Ryan to meet my family (my parents were there and had just come back from their DTS outreach to India), and then we flew back to Virginia to visit family and friends and speak at Ryan’s church. It was a busy but needed time away and I am so thankful for it.

Now, we are back at YWAM Maui and our Spring DTS has just started! We have 11 students (7 girls and 4 guys) ranging in ages from 17 to 26 and they are all hungry for the Lord! It’s always encouraging to get new students and see their excitement for being here. As staff, we sometimes lose sight of how blessed we are to be a part of YWAM Maui. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the negative things like living in community or not having enough money for even a cup of coffee or not owning a car, but God has really given me a fresh perspective on where He has called me and why. He is transforming people’s lives and He has called me here to be a part of it so who am I to complain or ask why? Ephesians 4:1 says that we need to live lives worthy of the calling we have received. For a short while I was not living out that scripture. However, through God’s infinite grace, He has shown me how blessed I am to be not only His daughter, but to be His bride living in the center of His will. I am so thankful!

For this Spring quarter, I have switched my job to the Hospitality department. I love it! I get to clean, bake, organize, cook, and clean some more. I also love it because I get to hang out with the students and ask them about lectures, life, family, God...etc. Also, I am still Worship Director and singing regularly.

I want to thank you for your constant love and support. I am so blessed to have such amazingly supportive friends and family. I hope all is well and you are also living a life worthy of the calling God has given you wherever that may be and whatever that may entail. Thank you so much again.

In Him,

Chelsea Rohr

Prayer Requests

-Spring DTS students to engage in lectures and be open to God’s working in their lives

-Winter DTS students & staff on outreach right now in China and Borneo

-Increased support/finances for myself & YWAM Maui

-Continued physical & spiritual protection for YWAM Maui

Monday, January 4, 2010

Borneo Outreach!

What an amazing but challenging 3 months! I can honestly say that God surrounded me with special grace and carried me through what I know to be the hardest but most rewarding months of my life. Although it was challenging in every way possible, I learned more about the grace and faithfulness of God in ways that I’ve never known. This is not a newsletter to brag on me or my team and what we did or saw, it is solely to brag on our Lord. Besides experiencing God’s faithfulness in measureless ways, Hethat He Himself is sufficient for me. Whatever I was lacking, He became what I needed. When I needed joy, He was my joy; when I needed comfort, He was my comfort; when I needed wisdom, He was my wisdom; when I needed patience, He was my patience. I think you get the picture. ...

Our journey started with 8 days in Bangkok where we worked with YWAM Thailand in several ministries including the Red Light District/human sex trafficking. From there we flew to the island of Borneo, the third largest island in the world. As we flew over the dense forest and jungle below, I couldn’t help but feel honored to be called to such a remote place. We were welcomed by local YWAMers and spent time helping build a pre-school and ministering to local orphans. After a few days, we loaded up and drove into the jungle to minister in the villages. As the hours passed, we drove deeper and deeper into the jungles. I found myself praying for God’s words to be spoken and His will to be done. We spent almost 3 weeks ministering in various churches and villages making house visits, holding church services, interceding, making prayer walks, and getting to know the Indonesian people. We saw God move in miraculous ways! At one house visit, an older woman who didn’t say much was sitting in the corner on the floor. We asked if we could pray for her and were told that she had had a stroke and was paralyzed on her right side. It’s a good thing we have a BIG God who specializes in making the impossible, possible. So we prayed for the old woman. As we prayed in the name of Jesus, she began to move her right arm (the one that’s paralyzed...). Then she started to lift her right leg (the one that’s paralyzed...). She even joined in saying “Dalam nama Yesus!” (in Jesus’ name!) when she realized that she could move. I began to laugh and praise God for his power and faithfulness. That’s the kind of God we love and serve!

After the village ministry, we flew to the other side of the island and joined a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School) going on there in Samarinda. We had the privilege of getting to know them and teaching them on 2 subjects: hearing the voice of God and intimacy with God. I was honored to teach on the names of God and I was a bit surprised to find that I loved it! After that, we went back into the jungles for more village ministry. On our way out of Borneo, we got so spend 10 days in Malaysia where we made great friends with several of the local youth. We were able to attend many house churches and encourage them with what God was doing in Borneo. Before we knew it, two and a half months of outreach had flown by and we headed back to Maui for graduation.

I find myself getting frustrated because I want to explain more about what we saw and what God did in and through us, but words run dry and pictures don’t suffice. All I can say is God is faithful and worthy of praise. Out of the whole 6 months of DTS, my greatest pleasure and reward was watching God literally transform my students’ lives and hearts right before my eyes. They left YWAM Maui with a better understanding of God’s love and character, and who they are in Him (Acts 17:28). They, however, were not the only ones changed. I was also transformed and left in awe of God’s faithfulness.

I am still in need of $200 committed monthly support. I know these are trying times but I also know that God's promise is to provide. It is His character to do so. He is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. Please pray and think about partnering with me and YWAM Maui in continuing to reach the nations for Christ and transform lives.

Once again, thank you for your encouragement, love, and support. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. I pray continued blessing and favor over you and your family.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer DTS Update

Aloha family, friends, and supporters! I trust you are doing well and enjoying the warm, refreshing summer months. It is definitely warming up here in the islands both physically and spiritually.  My heart is full to overflowing at the faithfulness and work of God in these students' lives! We are finishing up our 7th week of lecture phase in our Summer DTS.  So far, our weekly topics have been "Intimacy/Intercession,” "Bible Overview,” "Hearing the voice of God,”  "Identity in Christ,” "Relationships,” "Postmodernism,” and others.  Each week has been full of revelation and transformation. As staff, all we do is give ourselves, our students, school, speakers, and every minute to God and step aside to let Him work. And He does! Sam (my co-leader) and I have been so blessed with our team. We have 2 guys and 4 girls who are absolutely hungry for the Lord and all that He has for them. We started the school with Opening Night welcoming the students into our YWAM family. After a fun night of celebrating the opening of the school, we announced that the following morning we would be embarking upon "Exodus". Exodus is our version of the Israelite's journey into the wilderness in the book of Exodus. DTS Staff and students spent 3 days and 2 nights "in the wilderness" without solid shelter, pillows, tooth brushes, hair 

brushes, makeup, deodorant, showers, mirrors, change of clothes, or various food (just top ramen and unseasoned oatmeal). The purpose of this challenging few days was to get to know the "real you". We were dirty, smelly, and vulnerable. It was awesome! We ended "Exodus" with an unexpected  "Love Feast" which consisted of all the staff celebrating our survival of "Exodus,” washing student's feet, and worship. This was the beginning of life change. Already, our students are not the same people that arrived here 7 weeks ago. Their hearts are being softened and mended, their minds are being stretched and grown in knowledge and wisdom, and their ears are being opened to their Father's voice.  "My mind is getting wrecked!!" is a common statement among my students.  The transformation and change is happening so fast that's it's almost too much but not enough at the same time. It's absolutely amazing to watch and be apart of.  God is daily teaching me what it means to find my strength and life in Him. He is giving me wisdom beyond my years. I'm so thankful. My prayer is to lead in Godliness, humility, integrity, holiness, righteousness, and purity. I am not one to be quick to lead but I'm learning how to step out and step up (with God's grace). 

We leave August 24 for Thailand where we will stay at YWAM Thailand for 10 days to finish up Lecture phase, make house visits, encourage the local missionaries and YWAMers, and get adjusted to the Asian culture.  I went to Thailand with my DTS last year so I look forward to returning to the place my love for Asia started. In a way, I'm going back to the beginning. From Thailand, our school will separate from the other team going to Bangladesh and our team will head to the island of Borneo. We will be flying into Kuching, Malaysia and then taking a 12 hour bus ride across the border into Indonesia. We will be spending the majority of our outreach in Indonesia where we will be backpacking through villages and living like the locals do.  Our ministry will consist mostly of house visits, building relationships, holding open air teachings and church services, intercession, and just sharing the love of God with those whom we come in contact with.  There is also a possibility that we will be teaching a week in a DTS in Samarinda. Overall, this will be a challenging outreach. Most places we will be staying at will not have electricity, beds, or showers. We will be sleeping on our own bed mats, bathing in rivers that are also used for washing and human waste disposal, and will be eating lots and lots of rice. But we are up for the challenge. God's grace is sufficient. Our team is ready (as much as we can be) and excited for what God will do through us and in us. I know we will not come back the same. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Lion's Rohr

Have you ever written an email or letter, looked at it, and then completely erased the whole thing? Well, that's what I just did. It's hard for me to put into words what my life has been and what it will be very soon. Shortly after coming to Maui, I felt like I was not going to be in the Hospitality department for very long. I had a "feeling" about the upcoming Summer DTS (Discipleship Training School). My "feeling" was soon confirmed when the Summer School Leader, Tik (she's an amazing Godly woman from Thailand), asked me to pray about staffing the summer school. I didn't have to pray long. I'm excited to say that this summer my co-leader, Sam Stephens, and I will be training and leading a team of students (ages anywhere from 18-28) through 3 months of intense lecture followed my 3 months of outreach to southeast Asia. Wow!! Lord, help me! =) God has given me such peace about this. Looking back over the last few months, I can see God's evident hand preparing me for the adventure/challenge that I am about to take. I feel so honored to be entrusted with such a great task. Staff training starts next week (May 4) and our school begins June 6. Please pray for strength, wisdom, peace, and faith for the leadership team and I. We have much to do. Also, please pray about supporting financially as well. I am still required to pay my staff fees (approx. $300/month) plus my plane ticket to Asia (approx. $1500). Right now, I have $50 support a month. I'm so thankful to be serving a God who provides where He guides. He is Jehovah-Jirah, our Provider. I hope you are doing well and seeing God's beauty in the little things. God bless! Aloha

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aloha family and friends! I trust you are doing well and recognizing God's provision in your every day lives. The past couple months have flown by! I apologize for not updating you sooner. Due to some changes here on the base, I have been made the Head of the Hospitality/Housing Department. This requires that I do the budgeting, Hospitality shopping, cleaning, delegating house cleaning, and delegating students' cleaning duties. One extra detail- not only am I the Head of the Hospitality Department, but I AM the Department. With the occasional help from friends, I have been running it by myself. In a nutshell, my life has been extremely busy and crazy. I see now, though, that God knew exactly what He was doing because having this much responsibility and work has definitely stretched me and prepared me for future staff positions and life in general. It's only by God's grace that I've been able to do all that this job requires. I love it! I work with a smile on my face (most of the time...) and a thankful heart because that's what He requires of me.
Allow me to briefly update you on the past couple months. In February, myself and another staff member moved down to Paia (a town about 7 miles from the base in Haiku) for a couple weeks to cook for the Fall DTS teams who had just returned from outreach in southeast Asia. We cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for about 35 staff and students. It was a busy but great week getting to hear all the things God did through the students and seeing how He transformed them from the inside out. Outreach really gives new perspective and appreciation for our great nation. We are a blessed people.
I'm still leading worship on a regular basis and am loving it! Revival Maui is also taking off here and things are definitely shifting in the spiritual world. We are hearing testimony after testimony of God radically changing people's lives. God is giving us the vision and the tools to see revival come to Maui. Please go to to see the new website and get more information.
The Winter DTS students are already in their second week of Outreach. The 3 teams (Bangladesh, China, Borneo) left for southeast Asia last week after completing 3 months of intense Lecture Phase. They are so hungry for the Lord and so excited to share the Hope, Love, and Truth they have found. It's awesome to be apart of the training and sending out of these students. Not only do I see their personal transformation, but I also am able to see them go transform the world. Wow! What a humbling thought.
This next quarter is a short 2 months. We don't have DTS students up at the Haiku base, but we are starting the SBFM (School of Biblical Foundation in Missions) in Paia. It is a school whose heart is to equip people with the knowledge to shape and change their spheres of influence wherever their calling may be. Our focus is to help with SBFM wherever we can and to develop a deeper unity among ourselves as a base. This is a quarter of refocus and relationship development. I'm thankful for this time to recharge.
Thank you for your constant support and prayers. You are such a blessing. I wouldn't be here without your faithfulness and support. God bless!
In His Care, Chelsea =)